Hey There! I'm Theo M.

But you know that, right?
DevOps Engineer


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I'm a Linux and Windows Engineer with skills in systems administration, and application development. I enjoy connecting people with technology solutions that are easy to use, affordable, and sustainable over time.

Most recently I've been touring New Zealand while working with my father, exploring the country while being the runner for his truck. I maintain highly a available Red Hat OpenShift cluster, a CDN, a Mirror service, and various other services without which I don't think I could survive.

About Me

  • I'm well versed with various Red Hat based distributions, from Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SELinux, to CloudLinux and LVE Manager, to building a slimmed and hardened kernel, I've done it all.
  • I'm comfortable working with a range of virtualization technologies in large-scale environments. My personal favourite is VMware ESXi for its ease of management, but in a pinch, give me an OpenStack cluster, Hyper-V network, or KVM installation and I'll do just fine.
  • I'm experienced in various rapid deploy and configuration management technologies, such as Ansible, Red Hat Kickstarts, and Debian Preseeds. I'm also well versed in building my own iPXE chain, which I use extensively in a few projects I've developed over the years.


  • I still run Linux mirrors with 2degrees! The fastest Linux mirrors in NZ since ages ago™ - go check it out!
  • Serving on the Fedora Project Respins SIG
  • The Developer of the ird-validator Ruby gem
  • The Developer and maintainer of Browser.JS, a tool to bypass censorship
  • A huge fan of Kubernetes and especially OpenShift
  • An avid gamer - ask me about what I like to play!


  • M6 Securities LLC
    Utah, United States • 2020-2021

  • McDonald's
    Rangiora, New Zealand • 2020

  • Online Republic
    Auckland, New Zealand • 2018-2019

  • ezyVet
    Auckland, New Zealand • 2018

Contact Me

You made it! If you'd like to get in touch, here's what you need to know.
Email: <your name> [at] theom nz
Phone: +64 27 525 8549
IRC: td512 on irc.libera.chat