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Theo Morra - a crazy sysop


theo [--admin systems|mirrors] [--leader rpc] [--contributor] [--developer]


I’m a Linux and Windows Engineer with skills in systems administration, and application development. I enjoy connecting people with technology solutions that are easy to use, affordable, and sustainable over time. I'm familiar with, and a huge supporter of, the DevOps culture and how to make it work with a large team in a fast paced environment.

I am currently working on the ShellManager project and its integration with Windows, Linux, and BSD, as well as the customized UniOS. I also maintain the high-availability clusters, Red Hat packaging and various system tools and scripts for the ShellManager platform.


--admin systems

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, CentOS, CloudLinux

Comfortable working with open source KVM installations in large-scale environments. Able to customize and patch upstream kernels for use with KVM and also familiar with the preparation and maintenance of base images for KVM guests. Very proficient with ESXi and the libvirt tool stack.

Experienced in rapid deployment and configuration management technologies such as kickstarts, Red Hat Satellite Server, and Chef, as well as Windows Deployment Services.

Able to set up vital Linux and Windows infrastructure components including load balancers, DNS servers, web/application servers, and mail servers. Familiar with network-level security policies as well as server-level security layers like SELinux. Well-versed in EdgeOS network device management with EdgeOS software.

--admin mirrors

Mirror maintainer for multiple linux distros, including:

* Arch Linux, CentOS, EPEL, RepoForge, openSUSE

* Partnered with 2degrees and always onboarding more ISPs

--leader rpc

Current IT and Community (Software) Development Lead for Southern Cross Roleplay


Currently serving on the Fedora Project Respins SIG

IT Team Lead for Southern Cross Roleplay. This includes (but is not limited to) autoscaling of infrastructure, development and deployment of new endpoints, bug fixing, and general IT support

Currently a package maintainer for the following Ruby gems:

* smidp-rails
* smcli

Most of my projects can be found on GitHub. Most efforts are related to the following projects:

* The Rails CMS
* The ShellManager Identity Provider for Rails
* Monarch Shells Userscripts
* Monarch Shells IRC and Shell Management Bot


The ShellManager project is a platform that manages systems running CentOS 7, Debian Jessie, Fedora 26, openSUSE Leap, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, and Ubuntu 16.04 for use in free (and paid) shell services globally. Interfaces with Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP for user authentication. ShellManager provides it's own Identity Provider for third party applications that want to access user data

Currently focused on Ruby for working with libvirt components but able to work with Ruby, PHP, Perl, and shell scripting if needed.


* Experienced with Windows Server platforms to build and rapidly deploy software, enterprise policies, and MS-flavor LDAP

* Have previously written connectors to interace between API-based authentication services (such as ShellManager's own IdP), and Linux based Systems (openSUSE, RHEL 7 "Maipo", and Ubuntu among others)

* Familiar with SELinux, currently fine tuning policies for my Mirror Service run in partnership with 2degrees

* Experienced with Active Directory Domain Services (refer to ShellManager) and the LDAP spec

* Experienced with Active Directory Federation Services and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MS AAD)

* Experienced with IdP development (refer to ShellManager)

# There's always more to learn and tinker with


* Online Republic

- DevOps Engineer

* Southern Cross Roleplay

- IT Team Lead
- Systems Administrator
- Network Operations
- Software Developer

* ezyVet

- Software Developer

* Monarch Shells

- Software Developer
- Systems Administrator
- Network Operations


* E-mail: theo at theom dot nz
* Phone: 027 525 8549
* Twitter: datkiwi_td
* IRC: TheoM on
* PDF: Download

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